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Established in 2015, Land Space Technology Corporation Ltd. is the only private company in China devoted to the development of Liquid propellant Rocket, and also is the sole player in China about the LOX+LCH4 Liquid-fuel Rocket Engines with 80 tons thrust level.
To date, ZQ-1, a three-stage solid propellant launch vehicle developed by Land Space, made history and performed its maiden flight in Oct 2018. And Land Space has also made a milestone on the design and manufacturing of ZQ-2, the first model of the LOX+LCH4 liquid launcher, which will perform its maiden flight at the end of year 2020. In addition, once our liquid launcher ZQ-2 successfully launched, we can offer you an extremely competitive price of the deal.
Land Space is aiming to make the launch of the satellite simple and inexpensive enough. We can offer you the turn-key deal and also the systematic solution for your potential requirements. Moreover, we can provide the customized solution by utilizing the resources from inside to outside.
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Land Space will provide the systematic launch service solution based on ZQ-2 launcher
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